Essential Oils

A small display of some of my oil collection!

I have been using essential oils for several years now… I have completely eliminated my use for medications for aches and pains, cough and cold and many other ailments. It is important to know which essential oils you are using. Many essential oils on the market can be diluted with solvents or chemicals. Make sure you know about the products you use! Take the time to learn about what you incorporate into your health, especially if you are trying to eliminate your exposure to synthetic, artificial additives and chemicals from your world! I personally use Young Living Essential Oils. I have done a ton of research on the products they have. My house is full of them! I have 8 diffusers to date from Young living and will likely have a couple more by the end of this year. I have included the link below to sign up or purchase Young Living Essential Oils. Remember to educate yourself from good sources of information surrounding Essential Oils, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have or assist in guiding you to some great resources!

The Essential Rewards Starter Kit, It has everything you need to get you started with oils in your home!
Click on the link to get your Starter Kit!
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