What is Reiki?

Reiki healing has been used over the ages to heal and restore balance to the body, mind and spirit. The Usui Reiki System of healing was founded by Dr Mikao Usui [Usui Sensei] of Japan. The word Reiki is combined Japanese words:

REI: “God’s Wisdom/Higher Power”

KI “Life Force Energy”

Each one of us has energetic life force in our being. This can often be described as eternal life force, prana or flowing light and energy.  It is visioned as energetic flow or light currents flowing through our system. If the light is low or has blocked flow this can lead to low energy, low prana, low life force. With our system low of light and energy we are more prone to stress, illness and overall exhaustion.  Reiki is channeled from the practitioner to the client by means of hovering hands and gentle touch or therapeutic massage.

What will I feel during treatment?

Everyone is slightly different, typically treatments feel like radiant flowing energy or gentle light currents flowing through your body. Sometimes people experience feelings of heat or coolness  as energy moves and flows.  Often after a session you will feel deeply relaxed.  Every experience is unique to each person. Treatments are usually 1 hr or 1 1/2 hrs.

How can Reiki benefit me?

Reiki assists in balancing our energetic systems creating internal healing of body, mind, and spirit. Each one of us is alive from our life force. This flows through our physical being through energetic systems such as the Chakras, Nadis, Meridians and extends beyond our physical bodies known as the energetic field around us called our Aura.

Reiki heals by restoring flow to these energy systems, clearing energy blockage, opening up our energetic pathways allowing the prana or life force to flow to each part in our system extending to around the body in our aura.



What is Hot Stone Therapy?

Stone Therapy also known as Geo-thermo-hydro-therapy is a therapeutic process using stones either heated or cooled in water.  Hot Stone Therapy is a combination of massage using stones heated or cooled, and application of stones on specific areas of the body also heated or cooled.

History of Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone therapy techniques date back in history more than 5000 years and were used in many different cultural practices for its healing benefits. It was commonly practiced in Native American, and Ayurvedic Medicine over the times. In the Native American culture stones were often used heated to heat up sweat lodges, or placed on the body for pain relief. Stones were often heated with the use of the Sun or Fire and were also used in purification practices.  In Ayurvedic Medicine stone use was common with the use of other modalities such as herbs, flowers and crystals for treatment of pain, discomfort, and prana or life force healing. In Hawaii, lava stones were used wrapped in leaves during healing practices.

Stones have been used historically  for millennia as an addition to therapy and health practices rituals.  Basalt Stones are formed from lava as it cools after volcanic eruption.  All of the earths elements are components of these stones. Once formed over time they erode and are carried to the sea.  Stones become smooth and round with the help of the rhythm of the ocean.  The stones are then hand selected and cleaned.

What can I expect in a treatment?

This treatment is much like a massage with the use of hot and or cold Basalt stones as well as crystals.

The use of hot stone therapy causes vasodilation, increasing circulation and metabolism. The energetic components of the stones work on your energetic field bringing balance to body, mind and spirit. The use of Cold Stone Therapy causes vasoconstriction stimulating the nervous system assisting with waste elimination,  and inflammation. Hot and Cold therapy together result in increased overall circulation. Crystals are combined with stone therapy.  They are often placed along the Chakra Energy Centers opening and balancing them.  Every being has vibrational energy; stones, gems and crystals also have vibrational energy which can assist in fine tuning our aura, Chakras and meridians based on the qualities of each stone or crystal.

What are the benefits of Hot and Cold Stone and Crystal Therapy?

Hot Stones

  • Improves acute and chronic pain
  • Improves lymphatic and overall circulation
  • Decreases menstrual pain
  • Decreases tension headaches
  • increased wellness and vitality
  • Grounding and spiritual healing
  • Stress Reduction

Cold Stones

  • Reduction of local swelling, and inflammation
  • Relief from acute pain and injuries
  • Relief from tension headaches and sinus congestion
  • tones and stimulates the body


  • Tune up of our energetic systems
  • balancing and opening of the Chakras
  • Cleansing, grounding and healing properties
  • assists in clearing blocks in our energetic field


This session combines the two modalities above to restore balance and extreme relaxation.  It is a wonderful combination therapy which is 1 1/2 hr in length. See above for full description of techniques.



Yoga as Therapy

Many of us know Yoga has been used since ancient times physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Yoga can be used in the areas of enlightenment and fitness but it actually goes far beyond the sculpted images.  Yoga is so much more therapeutic than often described.  It can treat common illness, restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and function.  It is used in many cases from PTSD to restoration of physical illness such as chronic back and joint pain.  The possibilities are endless how beneficial a personalized yoga program can be to restore your health and create overall balance in your complete being.

What can I expect in a private program?

Each yoga program is designed personally for you.  A detailed assessment will determining which pathway is followed to assist you on your path to wellness.  This is so much more than entering into a yoga class and following a sequence.  It is personalized and focused on your health and rehabilitation.  Together we work to achieve your goals to better health.

Yoga Classes

Classes are held in a private location in Cumberland  Ontario just minutes from Orleans, Rockland and Gloucester.  Classes are always in small groups as to provide individualized fine tuning to your personal yoga practice Traditional Hatha, restorative and yin yoga classes are offered. All levels welcome! I will teach you what you need to know at the level geared to your personal learning and wellness needs. Private one on one sessions available. Mobile yoga classes are offered for groups minimum of 5 people



Meditation is a form of deep relaxation that connects you to your inner being and spirit. It brings stillness to the mind. Even if you are new to meditation the practice of it will shift your spirit and mind allowing all aspects of your whole being to relax, rejuvenate and heal. Over time the process will become easier with little effort.

When the mind is always busy, over thinking and processing (the monkey mind) it can lead to an added stress response of the physical emotional mental and spiritual bodies. Increased levels of stress hormones such as cortisol run the body in the fight and flight mode. This can lead to physical emotional and mental manifestations of illness. It can leave you exhausted and spiritually drained.

Meditation helps train the body, mind and spirit to reset for overall wellness. Group meditations are held in our relaxing studio with mats, bolsters, blankets and other comfortable supports. No experience necessary! meditation services are offered using guided imagery, Chakra balancing and Yoga Nidra.


flower against black background

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Smudging has been used in ancient times to eliminate negative energies in people and spaces.  This is traditionally done with smoke cleansing tools  such as White Sage and Palo Santo Wood.  It can also be done with spray for those who are sensitive to smoke.  Crystal use may be incorporated drawing the positive and healing energies from the earth. Depending on the energies and the space this process can take anywhere from 1/2 hour to 2 hours fees are charged hourly.  Contact Christina for an assessment and price quote.  Additional charges for travel.

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