Usui Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki healing has been used over the ages to heal and restore balance to the body, mind and spirit. The Usui Reiki System of healing was founded by Dr Mikao Usui [Usui Sensei] of Japan. The word Reiki is combined Japanese words:

REI: “God’s Wisdom/Higher Power”

KI “Life Force Energy”

Each one of us has energetic life force in our being. This can often be described as eternal life force, prana or flowing light and energy.  It is visioned as energetic flow or light currents flowing through our system. If the light is low or has blocked flow this can lead to low energy, low prana, low life force. With our system low of light and energy we are more prone to stress, illness and overall exhaustion.  Reiki is channeled from the practitioner to the client by means of hovering hands and gentle touch or therapeutic massage.

What will I feel during treatment?

Everyone is slightly different, typically treatments feel like radiant flowing energy or gentle light currents flowing through your body. Sometimes people experience feelings of heat or coolness  as energy moves and flows.  Often after a session you will feel deeply relaxed.  Every experience is unique to each person. Treatments are usually 1 hr or 1 1/2 hrs.

How can Reiki benefit me?

Reiki assists in balancing our energetic systems creating internal healing of body, mind, and spirit. Each one of us is alive from our life force. This flows through our physical being through energetic systems such as the Chakras, Nadis, Meridians and extends beyond our physical bodies known as the energetic field around us called our Aura.

Christina Benoit Reiki Master and Teacher

About Christina….

When I came to Dean and Rebecca my Reiki Masters; my aura and energy fields were dim, guarded and closed off. I had been witness to so much suffering and hurt in my career as an ER nurse and in my own personal life. I shut my own heart and locked it in a casing in hope to guard it for safe keeping. I was noticing the effects of shutting off my divinity in my health. I became unwell, had undiagnosed pain and headaches, and I had shut off most of my extremely prominent intuitive and psychic abilities….

I was existing not living and failed to feel the light in my own heart anymore. I started a yoga practice which helped tremendously however I was missing my light. I couldn’t get the dim embers of the fire to ignite into beautiful white light again….  I was minimizing my abilities to express and feel love and my worthiness of self love…. I contacted a friend who was doing her Reiki Training and she recommended my current Reiki Masters Dean and Rebecca from HeartLight in Schomberg. I was living in York Region at the time. 

I made an appointment for my Reiki Level I…. I showed up at HeartLight and felt completely embarrassed that I was exuding  so much held and absorbed pain of others. They welcomed me with open arms, an open heart and that’s when my journey to healing began…. 

I have been doing Reiki my whole life yet was unable to keep a solid connection to the divine source of light myself. This left me depleted and vulnerable to the pain and suffering I was surrounded by. I spent the entire day competing my Reiki Level I. The following week I spent clearing and nurturing my body, mind and spirit. I was healing… I was able to face the pain all around me with healing open arms and and a healing heart. But there was definitely more work to do….

I didn’t stop there. I completed Reiki II; Reiki III and finally took my Mastery Level. 

I watched my life shape and shift, new experiences and positive experiences were showing up everywhere, I still had challenges to face with my job, and external forces of negativity exposed to my beautiful family….

But love was taking over! The abundance of it became the most prominent thing in not only my life but my family as well. We all shifted to more love and light. Our life changed and shifted with challenge but in peace and love. We relocated to the Ottawa Region to embark a new journey. 
I now  help others discover their own healing potential and assist them as Dean and Rebecca have done for me.

There is no medical diagnosis or medication that will fix the tired soul….

That comes from within the heart and can only be done by you with connection to your light and healing. We are all part of the divine life force and I chose to let mine shine….

Dean and Rebecca from HeartLight have done what no medical system could do…. They helped me discover my self, my ability to heal and help others and mostly how to let my divine light shine! They are like family to me….

I completed my Mastery in February of 2019. I have been helping others my whole life but since the day I completed my Reiki I, I am able to do so in a healthy loving way allowing my soul and aura to remain bright and full of light. 

I offer my students guidance light and support any time it’s needed and even when they feel at their strongest. I assist others how to manage strong psychic and intuitive abilities without fear and shutting off completely. Through safe guarding and develpopment strategies. Through my own development I learned how to take a leading role in this area and I now help and share this with others who cross my path searching for the same…

We all want to feel well, we all want good health. With a dim light, our prana, (lifeforce) becomes worn out. I support those in my path. Love is contagious… 

Reiki with Dean and Rebecca was my beginning to heal my self and others. I have been a strong support and teacher to others ever since. I have learned from two very amazing souls and am forever thankful. It it my turn to shre my experience and knowledge with others so we can all grow and feel the love and light we all carry shine bright!


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