Winter Solstice: Deepened Spirit


What exactly is the “Winter Solstice”?

What does that mean for us on an energetic and spiritual level?

It is a time in abundant darkness, a time to reflect, renew and regenerate.

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year.  December 21st.  It is the time where most of nature is in a slumber and is taking rest.  Spiritually it draws us inward having time to reflect and view our own spirit.  The universal shift during this time causes us to move internally weather we are aware of it or not.  We may feel a sense of tiredness, moodiness and an intensity to shift our worlds.  Perhaps a shift is required but maybe when energies are not so abundant, radiant and intense.  If we ignore or resist this need for self renewal and recovery we can become unbalanced, maybe feeling an extra sense of being tired, or feeling unwell as the focus is drawn to the self.

There may be a sense of feeling low, depressed or giving up as the spirit is asking for transformation and self nurturing. Much like the energies of a full moon the Winter Solstice can have the same effect to a greater magnitude.  The awareness of the spiritual subconscious is in constant battle with the conscious mind and physical space during this time making it difficult to function in balance.  Perhaps your soul speaks to you to change your current situation in hopes for a more spiritual awareness and nurturing.  Perhaps you feel at crossroads with your personal life or your career, seeking transformation.  Our resistance becomes low, the body becomes tired and the extreme need for self nurturing is exposed. What ever that may look like for you.

The energies surrounding the Solstice increase with a peak three days before, during, and three days after the Solstice.

What can we do to get through?

Inactively Reflect: It is a time of being  passive; a time to invoke the yin energy

Observe the inner workings of your spirit and discover the needs of your soul.  Remember this time is highly charged and be gentle with yourself and others.  Avoid making major life altering decisions during this period of reflection and rest.  Take note of your inner being and learn about yourself.   In the coming new year the clarity will return. As the sun is reborn and the days become longer, there will come a time for action. Yang energies are restored.

Find time to rest

Find time for you, weather it is taking a nap, or a bath in candle light or just finding quiet time to just be.  Put your lists of the physical world aside only for a moment to allow some time to rejuvenate and renew the spirit.  After all this is what the Winter Solstice is asking for.  Most mammals  and plants on earth hibernate during the cold winter months but we continue to exert ourselves daily not really allowing time to renew and rejuvenate the body mind and spirit.  Take time for you!

Bring warmth and light to the darkness

Lighting candles or fires and holiday lights in the home help to bring light to the darkness and warmth to the soul. Traditionally Yule is the celebration of the Winter Solstice in which a tree was taken into the home to bring light and the elements of the earth creating warmth in the darker days.  Each year the tree was used for fire wood post the commencement of yule celebration and a piece of the tree log was kept for the duration of the new year and used in the following Yule celebration. Many other cultures have celebrations of light, celebrations of family and gift giving during this time and as the days become longer and more abundant with light, new beginning celebrations commence.  This is when clarity returns, and decisions become evident for the beginnings of the New Year to come.

Take Pleasures in the little things

Remember what you have.  Change your focus from one of lack and displeasure to one of abundance and love.  If its watching the snow fall, or your children and pets at play, notice how the happiness is radiant.  Absorb all of the light from your surroundings. Absorb the abundant richness of your life. Take pause, and just see. Let it touch you on a deeper level. Use the holiday light displays to brighten your spirit in these dark days as you share love with those around you.

Most of all remember what you have, food on the table, a warm shelter, family love and support,  and health.  What ever you can observe in your life to bring a sense of gratitude bring it forward, bring it to light.  Shift your focus and allow the subtle daily pleasures touch you heart and soul.

Stay warm and find the light during the darkest time of the year, draw that light into your home, heart and soul.  Share that light and love with those around you. Most of all be gentle with yourself and coast through the Winter Solstice in a state of Yin.  Passively taking rest for your spirit with the other beings of nature.  



Reiki and Massage Treatment Room Now Ready!

After the relocation and renovations the Reiki Room is now ready for use! Contact me to book your appointment! The price list is on the pricing page and a list of services is on the services page. We are continuing to work on the studio space and hope to have it up and running in June! I am so excited! I will be offering 4 yoga classes and two meditation sessions weekly, Mondays and Thursdays.

Litha : Summer Solstice

June 21st marks the longest hours of day light in the year. It is the summer solstice, also known as midsummer or Litha

It is the longest day with the sun pouring it’s beautiful light on the earth providing energy and warmth to our crops. After today the days start to shorten again.

It is a day to bask in the sun’s gifts as it is the strongest on this day in our hemisphere. Take time to honour the sun and express gratitude for the abundance of warmth and energy we receive.

Easy ways to celebrate this day on the wheel of the year is to have a fire ceremony. Perhaps a bon fire with dancing around the fire. If that is not possible for you simply lighting a candle will do. Hold joy in your heart and get close to nature.

I decided an outdoor fire in this heat wave wasn’t not a good idea since everything is really dry so I lit candles and planted a small evergreen in my yard. We have a large space for plenty of trees. This little guy was left to dry out in a pot at the grocery store so I took him home to save him. 🙂

If you are lighting candles at home to honour the fire festival during summer solstice any colour will do but rich colours such as red, orange, and yellow represent the masculine fire energy of the sun. Gold candles represent the sun as well which is what I used.

I hope you all have a blessed Litha and enjoyed the full strength of the beautiful father sun today. This year it just happens to be on Father’s Day. Very fitting for symbolism don’t you think?

Happy Fathers Day and Blessed Litha.

Blessings to all….


Healing Trauma… keep love in your heart.

Healing Trauma….

When we heal our own traumas we can hold space and help others heal theirs.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the intensity of what is going on right now? Maybe your emotions triggered easily… Perhaps you feel sensitive and saddened for the happingings around the world right now…… You are not alone. Collectively we are all experiencing this intensity. And we can do more.

Let’s join together in love and light!

There is so much hurt out there right now it’s leaving many of us feeling helpless and not knowing how to help.

Reiki can help… if you need to press your own reset button come for a reiki session with me and get yourself going on the healing path. When we heal our own traumas we can help and hold space for others to heal theirs…. we need more light shining in the darkness.

Peaceful Horizons Yoga is in the preparation stages for re-opening! My Reiki Certification groups are always small or 1 on 1 and Reiki Sessions are always 1 on one. I will be practicing safe social distancing and sanitation methods based on public health guidelines for reopening. Ans when I have the green light I will be ready and available.

Every life has a purpose and we are all feeling the intensity of profound change and shift taking place all around us.

Step forward walking through the intensity of change and join us as a reiki practitioner through my Reiki Certification Program. I offer levels I, II, III, and Mastery Level.

It really is helpful for sensitive individuals and empaths or those who wish tofor a deep sense of peace, grounding and relaxation. It is great to assist with anxiety stresss and worry.

Reiki aids to level out emotions as well as helps you work on your physical ailments activating your immune response, while lowering the stress response.

Becaise of Reiki I am able to enhance my healing abilities and hold space for others helping them through difficult times and trauma.

Let’s start healing deep emotional traumas….. It’s time for the world to heal together.

If you would like to book or have more questions please contact me.

Christina Desrosiers







This world pandemic is still in effect, and for several months I was offering free zoom yoga and meditation. I would like to continue offering classes online but will have to charge a fee to keep this going. In addition to that I am offering Reiki Healing on each of the four quarters of the moon phases this month.

This is how it works:

Zoom Yoga and Mediation:

Pre-Register for the classes you wish to attend and pre-pay for the class, once payment is received I will send out the link for class. Once class is complete you will also receive the recorded zoom session via email sharing.

June Calendar:

Twilight Hour Reiki Healing:

On the four quarters of the moon this month I am hosting Reiki Healing between the hours of 7:00PM-9:00PM. Once again pre-register and pay and we conduct the session through phone call, skype, facetime or facebook video call.

Until the Covid 19 Virus is under control and precautions are in place we are required to adjust our ways. I am hoping the low cost for these services are helping the services be accessible to everyone. Peaceful Horizons Yoga and Wellness is a member of Yoga Alliance International which is guiding yoga teachers around the world on how to move forward from the circulating illness to prevent further infections. I will be following guidlines outlined by them as well as our Canadian and Provential guidelines when the time comes to re-open. Until then I will continue to offer what I love to do! Help others! If you feel the need for a little TLC let me know! We can figure out a plan to get you back on track and feeling well. Depression and feelings of lonliness are creaping up on us as we are waiting for the storm to pass. Don’t forget I am here to aid as much as I can. You just need to reach out.

Please take care everyone;

Christina Desrosiers

Book Your Divination Session!

I hope everyone is doing well and trying to stay positive during this very strange time. I would like to extend an offer to provide remote divination sessions one on one for $10 per session. I am keeping the cost low because I know we are in difficult times right now.

Questions asked are often perfectly aligned with the energetic messages of each individual spread of the Tarot or cast of the Runes.

I have been studying the Tarot and Runes for over two decades. I often perform readings for clients during reiki and healing sessions. I use the Rider Waite and Guilded Tarot as well as oracle cards. Tune readings are done using the Elder Futhark Runes.

If you are interested in a remote reading over phone or video messaging of some sort contact me. Sometimes a little guidance in times of uncertainty can lighten ones heart and mind.

Wishing you all better times ahead.

Distance Reiki By Donation

I have been trying to think of how I can best support those in need during this very difficult time. Aside from my second life as a Registered Nurse in the Critical Care setting which I dedicate half of my being to. I wanted to offer spiritual aid as well bringing about balance and completion of my service to help others.

I teach yoga, meditation and offer many classes. My students are home. Everyone feels alone…. Some of us are unwell.

Many instructors are offering online classes and meditations for free. The world is uniting. Love is contagious!

I wanted to offer something unique, something different. To add to all of the wonderful things that are offered as supports.

I have decided to offer distance reiki sessions by donation. Please message or email me to book. Any donation you can afford.

Reach out. I am here to help.

Blessed be




Remote Readings by donation

This is a time of stress, fears and uncertainty. You may be feeling a magnitude of emotions or even a lack of such. Stages of stress can effect you in many ways. I am offering readings remotely. I have been doing readings since I was 12 years old using Rider Wade Tarot and the Gilded Tarot. I also use multiple oracle decks and Elder Futhark runes. I do not wish to charge a price for readings at this time so I will be accepting donations. I believe we can all use a little guidance and light in darker times so I am accepting a donation of your choice. This will be my way to support those in need in a unique way during this pandemic. Pay what you can. Readings can last from 30-45 minutes depending on each situation.

Please message me for a reading or share with someone you know who could use one.

Send an email to peacefulhorizonsyoga@gmail.com

PM on Facebook or Instagram or send me a txt 613-697-2626

Christina Desrosiers

In a time of uncertainty… one thing is certain. You make a difference!

Photography complements to Denis Latulippe

As most of you know I am a registered Nurse in Critical Care. Since COVID 19 became a pandemic I have been gaining as much knowledge and information as I can in order to help our people. This is both intuitively and through logical education. The two concepts must meet in balance. As medical professionals, we are preparing for events to come as best we can with the resources we have. I have not been posting any supportive measures for all of you stuck at home because of this. I have been sponging up as much information as I can. I have also been preparing for the spiritual support I can offer all of you and what that may look like. We all need to tap into our inner peace at this time. It’s extremely important. Your health is strengthened by love and weakens gains ground and dominance by our negative perceptions of the stresses we face. The stress feeds physical, emotional and mental breakdowns.

My whole existence in this lifetime has been to help others. I am in a mode of contemplation at the moment but I will be offering some kind of lightness in this challenging time for the public eye. I am just not sure what that looks like right now. For now I am behind the scenes in preparation. Let’s all gain strength together by letting love and light prevail.

Although my yoga and meditation classes are suspended for a time I am still offering distance reiki. This can be done over Skype or FaceTime or even Facebook messenger. I am here. I am available in between being at the hospital helping the ill. Please reach out. I am here to help….

I would like to initiate some online classes to keep everyone grounded and connected in the eye of this storm. Stay tuned and I will post updates. My absence isn’t abandonment to you all. It’s a collection of information and guidance to help us through. Thank you to all of you who are sending your love our way. we need that most.

Time for the people to come together, place differences aside and move forward to good health and peace.

Thank you all for your kind words of love and support. Truly it makes a huge difference.

From the whole of my heart to your heart,

Namaste and blessings to you all.

Meditation made easy… Improve your health and relationships!

Yoga Nidra…. A form of meditation also called “Yogic Sleep” (yes we can lay down!)

What is Meditaion?

Meditation is the act of working toward stillness of the mind. It is the state of pure consciousness and is the 7th limb in Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga. One does not need to be a master in order to meditate. Meditation can be done with little time and knowledge you will find as you practice it will be effortlessly. I offer several 30 minute guided mediations each week. Working toward stillness of the mind one breath at a time. Simplicity is the key!



March Calendar

Photo by Sadeep Sasanka Photography on Pexels.com

March is already here! we made it through winter… mostly. The calendar is out a little late but classes run Mondays and Thursdays as usual. The promotion of the month is a trial class on us! We want you to try Peaceful Horizons Yoga and Wellness out! Pick a class, sign up and enjoy an hour of yoga or a 30 minute meditation. Email Christina at peacefulhorizonsyoga@gmail.com, txt or call 613-697-2626.




Thank you to students for your feedback! We have decided to make a few adjustments to the regular class schedule. We have added more yoga classes and changed the meditation events to half hour each. We now offer two yoga classes and one half hour meditation in the morning class sessions as well as the evening class sessions both Monday’s and Thursday’s! This allows for 4 yoga classes and 2 meditation classes every Monday and Thursday increasing your options for the week! Hope you enjoy! See you on your mat!


Imbolc also known as Brighid’s Day, marks the beginning of spring, it is half way between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Brighid is the Celtic Goddess of many forms and is represented as the maiden mother and crone of the Earth Goddess. She represents as the goddess of fire, and flame of home and herth. She represents change, transformation and beginnings. Her energy is healing, and creative and protective.

Feel her warmth during this time and place your focus on the home, new beginnings and transformation. Now is the time to plant new seeds. This can be of a literal sense or an energetic sense. Essentially she is all about transformation and new beginnings so step forward into your plans for the comming year!

This sabbat is about getting rid of the old and preparing for the new!

Some ways to celebrate this beautiful day

-Clean and Cleanse the home and space

– Plant seeds of any kind seeds for spiritual growth, seeds for the planting of your spring garden, any kind of beginning can be sprouted at this time.

-Light candles, candles are a large part of Imbolic celebrations, plant your own healing intentions as you light the candle.

What ever it is that you do to spark your light, know that spring is not far. Feel the warmth of the sun rays as they draw near.


Happy New Year! Blessings for a wonderful 2020!

It’s been an amazing new adventure for Peaceful Horizons! Relocating in a new city has been exciting. I have met so many wonderful people! Located in the Ottawa Region Peaceful horizons offers a variety of services to help you heal your life! Once we decide to take care of ourselves the rest falls into place. Watch your life transform and embark on a new adventure of your own. All walks of life are welcome. No need to have experience doing a hand stand or other poster yoga poses. We can all do yoga and can benefit from its Rich rewards. Spiritually and energetically Peaceful Horizons offers a variety of Reiki services from our certification program to unique pampering treatments.

Take a chance on you! Happy New Year!


Autumn Beauty

Thanksgiving is by far my favourite holiday! We should be feeling a sense of gratitude in some form each and every day but during the thanksgiving holiday it’s time to harvest all of the fruits of our labour before the cooler months and darker days set in…. Harvesting fresh produce from our gardens, canning and preserves, and getting our homes ready for the winter months ahead. The fall colours are a stunning reminder that the warmth is moving away for slumber…. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What is it in your life giving you gratitude?

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