Winter Solstice: Deepened Spirit


What exactly is the “Winter Solstice”?

What does that mean for us on an energetic and spiritual level?

It is a time in abundant darkness, a time to reflect, renew and regenerate.

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year.  December 21st.  It is the time where most of nature is in a slumber and is taking rest.  Spiritually it draws us inward having time to reflect and view our own spirit.  The universal shift during this time causes us to move internally weather we are aware of it or not.  We may feel a sense of tiredness, moodiness and an intensity to shift our worlds.  Perhaps a shift is required but maybe when energies are not so abundant, radiant and intense.  If we ignore or resist this need for self renewal and recovery we can become unbalanced, maybe feeling an extra sense of being tired, or feeling unwell as the focus is drawn to the self.

There may be a sense of feeling low, depressed or giving up as the spirit is asking for transformation and self nurturing. Much like the energies of a full moon the Winter Solstice can have the same effect to a greater magnitude.  The awareness of the spiritual subconscious is in constant battle with the conscious mind and physical space during this time making it difficult to function in balance.  Perhaps your soul speaks to you to change your current situation in hopes for a more spiritual awareness and nurturing.  Perhaps you feel at crossroads with your personal life or your career, seeking transformation.  Our resistance becomes low, the body becomes tired and the extreme need for self nurturing is exposed. What ever that may look like for you.

The energies surrounding the Solstice increase with a peak three days before, during, and three days after the Solstice.

What can we do to get through?

Inactively Reflect: It is a time of being  passive; a time to invoke the yin energy

Observe the inner workings of your spirit and discover the needs of your soul.  Remember this time is highly charged and be gentle with yourself and others.  Avoid making major life altering decisions during this period of reflection and rest.  Take note of your inner being and learn about yourself.   In the coming new year the clarity will return. As the sun is reborn and the days become longer, there will come a time for action. Yang energies are restored.

Find time to rest

Find time for you, weather it is taking a nap, or a bath in candle light or just finding quiet time to just be.  Put your lists of the physical world aside only for a moment to allow some time to rejuvenate and renew the spirit.  After all this is what the Winter Solstice is asking for.  Most mammals  and plants on earth hibernate during the cold winter months but we continue to exert ourselves daily not really allowing time to renew and rejuvenate the body mind and spirit.  Take time for you!

Bring warmth and light to the darkness

Lighting candles or fires and holiday lights in the home help to bring light to the darkness and warmth to the soul. Traditionally Yule is the celebration of the Winter Solstice in which a tree was taken into the home to bring light and the elements of the earth creating warmth in the darker days.  Each year the tree was used for fire wood post the commencement of yule celebration and a piece of the tree log was kept for the duration of the new year and used in the following Yule celebration. Many other cultures have celebrations of light, celebrations of family and gift giving during this time and as the days become longer and more abundant with light, new beginning celebrations commence.  This is when clarity returns, and decisions become evident for the beginnings of the New Year to come.

Take Pleasures in the little things

Remember what you have.  Change your focus from one of lack and displeasure to one of abundance and love.  If its watching the snow fall, or your children and pets at play, notice how the happiness is radiant.  Absorb all of the light from your surroundings. Absorb the abundant richness of your life. Take pause, and just see. Let it touch you on a deeper level. Use the holiday light displays to brighten your spirit in these dark days as you share love with those around you.

Most of all remember what you have, food on the table, a warm shelter, family love and support,  and health.  What ever you can observe in your life to bring a sense of gratitude bring it forward, bring it to light.  Shift your focus and allow the subtle daily pleasures touch you heart and soul.

Stay warm and find the light during the darkest time of the year, draw that light into your home, heart and soul.  Share that light and love with those around you. Most of all be gentle with yourself and coast through the Winter Solstice in a state of Yin.  Passively taking rest for your spirit with the other beings of nature.  


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One thought on “Winter Solstice: Deepened Spirit

  1. Thank you Christina for the wonderful advice I will definately follow. I do love the beauty and peacefulness of winter and the warmth and sparkle of the holiday lights.


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