Healing Trauma… keep love in your heart.

Healing Trauma…. When we heal our own traumas we can hold space and help others heal theirs. Are you feeling overwhelmed with the intensity of what is going on right now? Maybe your emotions triggered easily… Perhaps you feel sensitive and saddened for the happingings around the world right now…… You are not alone. CollectivelyContinue reading “Healing Trauma… keep love in your heart.”


This world pandemic is still in effect, and for several months I was offering free zoom yoga and meditation. I would like to continue offering classes online but will have to charge a fee to keep this going. In addition to that I am offering Reiki Healing on each of the four quarters of theContinue reading “Update: JUNE ZOOM YOGA $5/CLASS TWILIGHT HOUR REIKI HEALING $15/SESSION”

In a time of uncertainty… one thing is certain. You make a difference!

As most of you know I am a registered Nurse in Critical Care. Since COVID 19 became a pandemic I have been gaining as much knowledge and information as I can in order to help our people. This is both intuitively and through logical education. The two concepts must meet in balance. As medical professionals,Continue reading “In a time of uncertainty… one thing is certain. You make a difference!”

Meditation made easy… Improve your health and relationships!

What is Meditaion? Meditation is the act of working toward stillness of the mind. It is the state of pure consciousness and is the 7th limb in Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga. One does not need to be a master in order to meditate. Meditation can be done with little time and knowledge you willContinue reading “Meditation made easy… Improve your health and relationships!”


Thank you to students for your feedback! We have decided to make a few adjustments to the regular class schedule. We have added more yoga classes and changed the meditation events to half hour each. We now offer two yoga classes and one half hour meditation in the morning class sessions as well as theContinue reading “UPDATE TO FEBRUARY CALENDER”

Happy New Year! Blessings for a wonderful 2020!

It’s been an amazing new adventure for Peaceful Horizons! Relocating in a new city has been exciting. I have met so many wonderful people! Located in the Ottawa Region Peaceful horizons offers a variety of services to help you heal your life! Once we decide to take care of ourselves the rest falls into place.Continue reading “Happy New Year! Blessings for a wonderful 2020!”