Healing Trauma… keep love in your heart.

Healing Trauma….

When we heal our own traumas we can hold space and help others heal theirs.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the intensity of what is going on right now? Maybe your emotions triggered easily… Perhaps you feel sensitive and saddened for the happingings around the world right now…… You are not alone. Collectively we are all experiencing this intensity. And we can do more.

Let’s join together in love and light!

There is so much hurt out there right now it’s leaving many of us feeling helpless and not knowing how to help.

Reiki can help… if you need to press your own reset button come for a reiki session with me and get yourself going on the healing path. When we heal our own traumas we can help and hold space for others to heal theirs…. we need more light shining in the darkness.

Peaceful Horizons Yoga is in the preparation stages for re-opening! My Reiki Certification groups are always small or 1 on 1 and Reiki Sessions are always 1 on one. I will be practicing safe social distancing and sanitation methods based on public health guidelines for reopening. Ans when I have the green light I will be ready and available.

Every life has a purpose and we are all feeling the intensity of profound change and shift taking place all around us.

Step forward walking through the intensity of change and join us as a reiki practitioner through my Reiki Certification Program. I offer levels I, II, III, and Mastery Level.

It really is helpful for sensitive individuals and empaths or those who wish tofor a deep sense of peace, grounding and relaxation. It is great to assist with anxiety stresss and worry.

Reiki aids to level out emotions as well as helps you work on your physical ailments activating your immune response, while lowering the stress response.

Becaise of Reiki I am able to enhance my healing abilities and hold space for others helping them through difficult times and trauma.

Let’s start healing deep emotional traumas….. It’s time for the world to heal together.

If you would like to book or have more questions please contact me.

Christina Desrosiers






Published by peacefulhorizons

E-RYT 200, Reiki Master, Yin, Restorative & Hatha Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Guided Meditation Facilitator, Registered Nurse, Herbalist

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